1. Assembly Language
  2. C/C++
  3. Eggdrop (Eggdrop is a popular IRC bot and the oldest still in active development)
  4. Erlang (a general-purpose concurrent, garbage-collected programming language and runtime system)
  5. Fortran Programming Language
  6. Forth/4th (an imperative stack-based computer programming language and programming environment)
  7. Java
  8. JavaScript
  9. Lua
  10. PHP
  11. Perl
  12. Python
  13. Ruby
  14. Shell script
  15. Sigscheme (SigScheme is a R5RS Scheme interpreter for embedded use.)
  16. Slsh (Interpreter for S-Lang scripts)
  17. Tcl  (Tool Command Language)
  18. Vala (C-sharp like language for the GObje)
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Install software:

opkg update
opkg install python-openssl
opkg install distribute
easy_install pymongo

MongoDB shell:

root@debian226-8:~# mongo  -u web_user  -p temp
MongoDB shell version: 2.4.10
connecting to:
> db.testcollection.insert({"message":"Hello, remote user!"})
> db.testcollection.find()
{ "_id" : ObjectId("558bca5bc818c9ebe01ebdfb"), "message" : "Hello, remote user!" }
nano mongodb.py
from pymongo import MongoClient
mongoserver_uri = "mongodb://web_user:temp@"
conection = MongoClient(host=mongoserver_uri)
db = conection['project']
collection = db['testcollection']
print collection.find_one()
chmod 755 mongodb.py
{u'message': u'Hello, remote user!', u'_id': ObjectId('558bca5bc818c9ebe01ebdfb')}


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Install software:

opkg update
opkg install usbreset
root@Arduino:~# usbreset
  usbreset PPPP:VVVV - reset by product and vendor id
  usbreset BBB/DDD   - reset by bus and device number
  usbreset "Product" - reset by product name

  Number 001/001  ID 1d6b:0002  Generic Platform EHCI Controller
  Number 001/002  ID 058f:6254  USB2.0Hub
  Number 001/003  ID 05e3:0606  USB2.0 Hub
  Number 001/005  ID 0d8c:000c  C-Media USB Headphone Set
  Number 001/004  ID 058f:6366  Mass Storage Device


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opkg update
opkg install pgsql-cli
nano postgres.sh
psql -h -U postgres  -d mypgdatabase<< EOF
select username, password from login;
chmod 755 postgres.sh
 username | password
 sonnyyu  | password
(1 row)


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