crontab -e

0 3 * * 0 reboot

The first number denotes the minute (0-59).  In this case, 0 represents the top of the hour.

The second number denotes the hour (0-23).  In this case, 3 represents 3 AM.

The third number denotes the day of the month (1-31).  In this case, * matches any day of the month, so this field is ignored.

The fourth number denotes the month of the year (1-12).  In this case, * matches any day of the month, so this field is ignored.

The fifth number denotes the day of the week (0-6) beginning with Sunday.  In this case, 0 represents Sunday.

The final item is the command to be run.  The crontab runs with root privileges, so it has power to reboot the device.  A full path, as well as arguments, can be entered here if desired.


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The MS14 is the 2nd generation Dragino mother board. It lets you embed Linux into your MCU projects. It is a low cost, open hardware Linux motherboard for micro-controllers. It runs open source linux system, has USB host port and has full Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi capabilities. 

The goal of the MS14 is to solve the connectivity problem and greatly enhance micro-controller products such as the Arduino. 

MS14 support generic OpenWrt linux version or modified OpenWrt version such as Arduino Yun.

Applications for MS14 include remote control of robots, data logging, web applications for data presentation, mesh networking over WiFi and many more. 


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Yun Shield is one of the most powerful shields for Arduino Board. Yun Shield is designed to solve the Internet connectivity and storage issue for Arduino Board.

Yun Shield runs Open Source OpenWrt system (Same system as runs in Arduino Yun) and it is fully compatible with Arduino IDE v1.5.4 or later. Yun Shield is the ideally choice for Arduino Projects which require various internet connections and more storage.

Basically, Yun Shield + Leonardo equally to the official Arduino Yun, but Yun Shield is more flexible because it can work with other Arduino board such as Uno, Duemilanove, Mega etc. And Yun Shield uses external wifi antenna which provides stability and possibility for various environments.


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Watchcat takes care software issue like network drop

Install watchcat:

opkg update
opkg install watchcat
opkg install luci-app-watchcat


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