Google Spreadsheets Python API

opkg update
opkg install nano
opkg install python-openssl
opkg install python-expat
opkg install distribute
easy_install gspread

Go to Google Drive and create an empty spreadsheet you will use for testing.

and get  spreadsheet id

nano /mnt/sda1/
import gspread
# Login with your Google account
gc = gspread.login('', 'googlepassword')
sh = gc.open_by_key('0Ao9lSur2AThldE1uQk1MVGtWS25vRTBuTXM4NWpGRFE')
wks= sh.get_worksheet(0)
wks.update_acell('B2', "it's down there somewhere, let me take another look.")
chmod 755  /mnt/sda1/

Confirm spreadsheet  from Google drive is updated




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