Install driver, library, application for Yun.

The freetds-dev is open source library for Sybase and Microsoft SQL server.

tar -zxvf freetds-dev.0.92.812.tar.gz
cd  freetds-dev.0.92.812

make install

Here you need take very long coffee break at stage "make"!

Testing connect to MS SQL Server 

tsql -H192.168.0.111 -p 1433  -U sa -P password
locale is "C"
locale charset is "ASCII"
using default charset "ISO-8859-1"
1> use AdventureWorks2008
2> go
1> SELECT * FROM Person.Address where AddressID=1
2> go
AddressID       AddressLine1    AddressLine2    City    StateProvinceID PostalCode      SpatialLocation rowguid ModifiedDate

Now Yun is able to directly talk to Sybase  and Microsoft SQL server.

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